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US Patriot Gear

Trump America First Gnome

$37.95 USD

The Trump Garden Gnome is the perfect addition to any yard or patio and sends a signal of freedom and liberty to all. For years we have put other countries first and it has to STOP.

This Trump Gnome is the perfect gift for any gardeners in your life looking to ward off the liberals in their neighborhood.

He makes a perfect gift for both Democrats and Republicans in your circle of influence too! 

Every inch of this stunning sculpture is a tribute to the artist's craft, from the realistic All American Famous Golden Hair, facial wrinkles, smile and his suit. This one-of-a-kind accessory is certain to attract attention and admiration at your next party or family get-together! 

  • Height: 9.25"
  • Overall Width: 5.75"
  • Construction: Poly Resin
  • Paint is baked into surface to prevent chipping
  • Fun design, turns any house into a home!